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CIDP Life Expectancy

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CIDP Life Expectancy

How long does a patient with CIDP have to live?

Patients with CIDP who are actively being treated and cautious about their disease usually have the same life span as healthy individuals. Management and early treatment of CIDP help patients experience a higher quality of life. CIDP is best controlled when it is detected in early stages because more nerve damage can lead to more difficulties in treatment and management of the disease. 


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If I’m diagnosed with CIDP, what are the chances that I will be cured?

Because CIDP is an autoimmune response, it can always relapse. IVIG therapy, corticosteroids, or plasmapheresis can all help patients fight back and slow the progression of this disease and increase quality of life for the patients.  


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If I can’t be treated for CIDP, is there anything else that can be done?

Most cases of CIDP are manageable with immunosuppression. It is always best to start treatment early because delay of care can result in severe difficulties in performing day-to-day tasks and lower quality of life for patients. Being proactive with treatment and staying alert of unexplainable signs and symptoms such as numbness or loss of motor function can help early detection and lead to smoother management of this disease state. 


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