AmeriPharma’s premier pharmacy services are available in multiple states throughout the US.

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Easy Ordering, Home Delivery, and Full-Time Prescription Support

By providing a personalized experience, convenient packaging, and lower cost, AmeriPharma makes it easier to manage your illness or provide care to a loved one. We deliver specialty medication prescriptions straight to your door, and work with you to manage your full medication regimen throughout treatment.

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Discover MedBox
simplify your prescriptions now.


Are you having difficulty keeping track of multiple prescriptions? Take advantage of our proprietary MedBox for independent living seniors at no additional cost. By sorting each dose into individual time/date-stamped plastic envelopes, we make taking the right dose at the right time simple for you or your loved one.

IV Therapy That Combines
Comfort and Convenience

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Receive your intravenous (IV) or injectable medication therapies comfortably in our resort-inspired state-of-the-art Infusion Center. Click below to learn more and take a virtual tour.

Order by Phone, Have Meds Delivered to Your Door

No more long lines at the pharmacy! Phone in your prescription information, and we’ll deliver all required medications straight to your door, in 24-48 hours– and even faster in urgent cases.

How We Make Medication Easier

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Convenient Packaging and Delivery

All medications will be delivered straight to your door in 24-48 hours or less, strictly adhering to prescriber and manufacturer instructions. If you’re juggling several prescriptions, our proprietary MedBox pill packages take the guesswork out of taking your medication, combining all your medicines in time and date stamped envelopes so that you know when to take each dose.

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Ongoing Support at Every Step

With your first prescription, we will assign you with an individual patient care representative who will be in touch regularly to make sure your treatment plan is clear and easy to follow and to answer questions along the way. We believe that consistent, meaningful communication and support are essential for healthier living.

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Financial Assistance

Complex medications can be costly, so we’ll speak with insurance companies and other financial institutions on your behalf. Our financial aid specialists are experts in identifying discounts and co-pay assistance to find the best payment option for your treatment.

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Cutting-Edge Science

At AmeriPharma, we are committed to keeping up with new pharmaceutical studies and products and working with your doctor on treatment advances for your condition. We also incorporate the latest technology into every aspect of your treatment, including how we store, process, and deliver your medications.

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Friendly Team of Industry Experts

Our team of clinical pharmacists and researchers collaborate with doctors, manufacturers, and insurance companies to provide you with unparalleled expertise and full ­service support.

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Help When You Need It

Our staff is available 24/7/365 to listen and provide guidance on any issue that may come up, whether you have a treatment plan question, need to switch your medication or require urgent delivery.

Get Started With Us

Questions about transferring your prescriptions to AmeriPharma? Ready to place your first medication order? Call us at (877) 778-0318 or contact us online to start simplifying your medications so that you can focus on your health.

AmeriPharma’s premier pharmacy services are available in multiple states throughout the US. We are fully licensed and able to extend our pharmacy services in the areas marked in blue in the map below. All residents and guests of the below-marked states and US territories are welcome to request our care. As we are constantly growing our network, please contact us for the most up to date coverage information and if your state is not marked below. Regardless of where you live in this great nation of ours, be confident that We Care!

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