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What is AmeriPharma™ Specialty Care?

AmeriPharma™ Specialty Care provides medication and comprehensive support to help patients manage complex health conditions. The complexity of these specialty conditions, treatment procedures, and medications require a top level of care complete with consultations, education, specialist advice, and constant support to ensure that treatments have the best chance of success.

Throughout the United States, people have chosen AmeriPharma™ Specialty Care because of our:

  • Caring and highly qualified team of professionals available anytime, any day.
  • Access to hard-to-find specialty medications.
  • Precision and accuracy throughout our delivery process, from delivery to administration of specialty medications.
  • Commitment to success with a step-by-step approach, constant communication, information sharing technologies, and a caring team of professionals servicing, educating and providing ongoing guidance and support.
  • Comprehensive financial assistance and maximum affordability.

How can AmeriPharma™ Specialty Care help me manage my condition?

Managing a complex health condition isn’t just about taking the right medication. Complex conditions require combination treatment plans that are specifically tailored for the individual patient. This plan includes expert advice and assistance, ongoing follow up and support, and easy, reliable access to medications. We help you manage your condition every step of the way so that you can reach your optimal health and maximize your quality of life.

What services does AmeriPharma™ Specialty Care provide for patients?

We offer a range of services including:

  1. Comprehensive financial assistance and payment coordination.
  2. Free, timely, and compliant medication deliveries directly to the patient.
  3. Close monitoring and regular follow-ups with the patient’s medication manufacturer and prescribing physician to better therapy outcome.
  4. Round the clock availability, ongoing advice, education, consultation and support to ensure patient’s complete understanding and easy compliance with their treatment plan.
  5. A team of trained experts to consult and assist with any problems or concerns the patient may have about your medication, treatment plan or other changes in your daily life throughout your treatment.
  6. Direct communication with the patient’s insurance company or financial assistance organizations to help relieve potential financial burdens.

How do I receive my medication?

AmeriPharma™ Specialty Care delivers medications straight to our patients’ doors in strict compliance with the medication manufacturer’s requirements. From the moment we receive the prescription from your doctor, we obtain all the necessary information and authorizations (including prior authorizations from your health insurance company) so that you receive your medications as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

I have a problem with my medication or treatment plan. How can AmeriPharma™ Specialty Care help?

You can call one of our expert pharmacists at any time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are always available to assist you with any problem or concern you may have. We are happy to hear from you and welcome your active participation and communication throughout their treatment.

How long will it take to receive my medication?

We are committed to delivering your medications as quickly as possible. Our system allows for quick processing times with guaranteed receipt of prescriptions and immediate auto confirmation from our system. We have an experienced logistics department and use our specially-designed delivery vehicles. Although exact delivery times can vary case-by-case based on medication, authorization, and other requirements, you will always know exactly when your medication will arrive.

I find it hard to remember what medications to take at which times, and how to take them correctly. How can AmeriPharma™ Specialty Care help?

Our unique MedBox pill pre-packaging and delivery service allow us to help our patients by simplifying taking complex medications. Your pills will be specifically packaged in individual doses. Each pack lists the date, and exact time the medications inside should be taken, so you’ll always know whether you have missed a dose.

How do I reorder my medications?

Reordering your medications is as easy as calling one of our pharmacists or ordering via our online Prescription Refill form.

Can AmeriPharma™ Specialty Care help me with insurance or financial aid?

Absolutely. AmeriPharma™ Specialty Care coordinates with your doctor and insurance provider on your behalf. If you have a prescription that requires prior authorization (i.e., the insurance company needs to review the medication before offering coverage), we will manage the approval process for you.

For patients without insurance or who require other financial assistance, we offer the expertise of our dedicated specialists that work with our continually growing network of financial aid assistance organizations, funds, and charities that can provide needed assistance.

What hours are you available if I need to speak with someone?

Communication is critical when it comes to specialty medications and treatment. We are always glad to hear from you. At AmeriPharma™ Specialty Care, there is always someone available to speak with 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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