Patient Advocacy

Managing a complex health condition can be challenging. When patients need extra support, patient care advocates will step in and help.

At AmeriPharma™ Specialty Care, we are strong patient care advocates. Every member of our pharmacy team plays an active role in supporting patients during every step of their therapy.

We also source specialized health care advocates who can provide case-specific assistance and education. Connecting patients with patient group networks and organizations as well as other patients going through similar experiences helps. We believe patients should be well-informed participants in their care by being empowered and engaged in all of their healthcare decisions.

Benefits of Connecting With Other Patients and Patient Care Advocates

Connecting with others dealing with the same challenges as you and reaching out to patient group networks can help you on your health journey in the following ways.

Teaching You Better Coping Mechanisms

Dealing with a complex medical condition is challenging. You might find yourself overwhelmed at times, not knowing what to do. A support group of patients and patient care advocates can teach you coping strategies that have been successful for others. The methods you learn can help you navigate your health journey easier.

Allowing You to Share Your Experiences

You may be unable to talk about every aspect of your illness with your family and friends. A network of similar patients and health care advocates provides you with a non-judgmental environment to get things off your chest. Not only can you share your own experiences, but you can gain insight from the experience of others.

Increasing Your Sense of Hope

It’s easy to feel lonely and lose hope when you’re struggling with a rare condition. Being surrounded by other patients, patient care advocates, and those who have successfully recovered from the disease, can give you a new sense of hope and help you move along this tiresome journey.

Let AmeriPharma™ Specialty Help

From insurance approvals to finding the right treatment, managing a complex illness can be confusing and overwhelming. AmeriPharma™ provides all the patient advocacy resources you need to help you better navigate your healthcare journey. Contact us today to get support throughout your treatment.