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AmeriPharma Specialty Care provides medication and support to patients with complex health conditions. Due to the intricacy of these conditions and medications, we provide specialist advice, support and education to ensure the patient receives the best possible treatment experience and outcome.

When patients choose AmeriPharma Specialty Care, providers can be confident they will receive experienced patient-centered, specialty pharmacy services. Send us prescriptions directly through your preferred method. You will immediately receive a time-stamped receipt confirmation. We obtain all the required authorizations in order to ensure medications are delivered directly to patients. We also coordinate directly with insurance companies and, if needed, financial aid organizations on the patient’s’ behalf.

We keep in regular contact with providers, patients, and manufacturers, ensuring treatment plans are effective, easily understood and followed by the patients. We also make sure that providers are always able to monitor and control the patient’s treatment.

AmeriPharma Specialty Care streamlines the entire process of providing medications to your patients.

  • Free delivery straight to your patients.
  • Detailed record keeping of the entire process.
  • Staff education and training.
  • All medical devices required to administer drug therapies are provided at no cost.
  • Assigned representatives and close pharmacy-patient relationship to assure patient compliance and satisfaction.
  • Less administrative work – we manage patient information for you.
  • Access to the latest treatment, studies and product information.
  • Access to our advanced hardware and software solutions.
  • Ongoing patient support and follow­-up, plus dedicated provider support.
  • Prior authorization assistance

Yes. We use a fast and accurate delivery and tracking system to ensure that medications get to patients as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our logistics professionals have many years of experience in pharmaceutical, transportation, delivery and automotive industries. We rely both on our fleet of delivery vehicles and commercial carriers for accurate and compliant delivery of specialty medications.

Our goal is to ensure that patients receive their medications as quickly as possible. Exact timing can vary depending on, for example, whether we need prior authorization for patient. However, in most cases, medications are delivered to patients within 24-­48 hours from the moment we receive the prescription from a provider.

Easy access and flow of information is key to patient success. We utilize a time-tested, unique online system that provides all the patient information you need to monitor and control the patient’s treatment (patient prescriptions, side effects, problems, concerns, changes in daily routine, circumstances, and more), and we ensure this information is always accurate and up-­to-­date.

Yes. We liaise directly with insurance companies to seek approval for prior authorizations. We work with our providers for any information that we require and manage the process from start to finish.

Patient care is at the core of everything we do. We understand that managing a complex health condition can be challenging and confusing for patients. To provide the best possible care and to maximize therapy success, we do far more than just provide medications. When a patient fills their prescriptions through AmeriPharma Specialty Care, they also receive expert advice and guidance about how to use the medication and possible side effects. All patients are paired with a patient care coordinator who guides them through their care process. Our ongoing support ensures any concerns or problems affecting patient’s therapy be addressed and resolved quickly.

Just as we care for our patients, we care for our providers. We work hand-in-hand with you to help manage patient information, including accurate collection, recording, and accessibility. We help alleviate administrative tasks and burdens, and simplify the flow of information. Our online portal can be accessed at any time, so you always know the status of a patient’s treatment plan. Your staff will be alerted about your patient immediately if any changes occur.

If you need to speak with us at any time, whether it be about a patient, or to provide any other support or information, we have a team of clinical pharmacists ready to help.

Yes. We are happy to share the results of our extensive research and information obtained through our partnerships with manufacturers, researchers and other leaders of the industry. We make sure that our doctors have all the best resources, allowing them to focus on looking after their patients.

At AmeriPharma Specialty Care, there is always someone available to speak with, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.