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Cancer begins when cells in a specific part of the body grow and spread abnormally.


Cancer treatment may include radiotherapy, chemotherapy and/or surgery. Chemotherapy involves drugs used to treat cancer, while radiotherapy uses high-energy radiation to shrink and kill cancer cells.


While symptoms of specific cancers vary, there will normally be unexplained changes in the body, such as:

Abnormal lump in the breast

Changes in testicles

Changes in bowel habits

Abnormal lump in the breast

Abnormal lump in the breast

Persistent coughing and/or chest pain


The word “cancer” refers to abnormal cells that grow uncontrollably. Cancer is not a single disease. It can involve any type of cell, anywhere in your body. And it starts with a problem in the cells’ genes. Cancer can originate almost anywhere in the body and spread to other areas, especially if left untreated.

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