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April Velasco Cable was born in Manila, Philippines. She studied computer programming and has been in the home infusion and specialty pharmacy reimbursement field for over 30 years. Her areas of expertise are specialty pharmacy, home infusion intake, revenue management, and CPR+ database management. Prior to joining AmeriPharma, she worked for St. Mary’s Hospital Home Pharmacy as a biller, Trinity Care as a biller, Crescent Healthcare Inc. as a Quality Assurance Manager/Revenue Management, MedicoRx Specialty Pharmacy as a VP of Revenue Management,  and Premier Infusion Care as a Quality Assurance Manager/Revenue Management. The most rewarding part of her job is delivering the best quality care to patients by assisting them in fully understanding their health plan coverage and providing financial assistance resources. April enjoys building a strong team of reimbursement specialists and implementing solutions to combat insurance denials and claims issues. She loves to sing and manages a band where they perform live music throughout Southern California. See Author Biography


The Essential Guide to Medicare IVIG Coverage

Medicare provides coverage for IVIG and SCIG therapies in many instances, but navigating the details can sometimes be difficult. This guide will provide an overview of how IG therapies are covered under Medicare. Medicare will provide coverage for IVIG based...

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Medicare coverage for IVIG

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