AmeriPharma’s premier pharmacy services are available in multiple states throughout the US.

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Our Leadership Team

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AmeriPharma has assembled a team of the specialty pharmacy industry’s most experienced and proven executives and managers. Each brings vast expertise and tireless dedication to the continual pursuit of excellence across the company’s best-in-class services.

Andrew Harper
Director of Pharmacy

Andrew Harper, Pharm D.
(877) 778-0318 ext. 103

Christine Leduc
Pharmacist in Charge

Christine Leduc, Pharm D.
(877) 778-0318 ext. 134

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April Cable
Director of Billing

April Cable
(877) 778-0318 ext. 115

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Kareem Mohamad
Financial Assistance Manager

Kareem Mohamad
(877) 778-0318 ext. 197

Brittany Valencia
Pharmacy Operations Manager

Brittany Valencia
(877) 778-0318 ext. 113

Mariam Agaiby
Infusion Care Manager

Mariam Agaiby, RPh
(877) 778-0318 ext. 140

Ricky Rueda
Patient Care Supervisor

Rick Rueda
(877) 778-0318 ext. 161

Jenna Zapf
Director of Nursing

Jenna Zapf, BSN/RN
(877) 778-0318 ext. 186

Christy Truong
Patient Care Supervisor

Christy Truong
(877) 778-0318 ext. 235

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